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What should every car have? Motorcycle?

What should every car have? Motorcycle?

I saw a need post about a "necessities," kit a retailer provides all locations.  Basically, things you may forget at home or need in a pinch.

A few weeks later I saw this interesting video from Foremost  Yes, it is a silly video but it makes a lot of sense.  Essentially, what are the "essentials," you should have on a motorcycle ride?  I guess you can ask the same question about a house and the same about a car.  

Sure, this could evolve based on day-to-day driving versus a road trip.  But, then again, there are many things a car should just have? 

  • It has a spare tire and the tools needed.  This is non-negotiable.  But, what about a can of "fix a flat," or similar
  • Jumper cables or similar
  • bottle or two of water
  • first aid kit
  • a Leatherman tool or similar
  • a small blanket
  • some "rags,"

What else? What about a house?

  • Flashlight
  • candles/matches
  • canned goods
  • duct tape
  • wd40
  • a go to, small but solid toolbox with everything?

Fascinating idea, lots of things to consider