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Boat? Other Structure?

Boat? Other Structure?

Clever, yard art, boat, skiff, garden

Such a fun-looking thing, but what is it to you?  Well at its core it is a boat. But, now it has been repurposed to "yard art." But, unlike a statue, a gnome, or something else you may have, this likely ends up as an "other structure," in insurance terms since unlike your gnome(personal property) you probably wouldn't take this with you if you moved.

Speaking of Boats, is yours insured? Probably.  Currently, we work with several great options 

Safeco Boat Insurance is a tremendous company with several options

Progressive is nationally recognized and also handles an assortment of toys

Foremost lots of flexibility and part of a massive company

Let's talk, you never know.  A good thing ALWAYS happens when you review insurance. You confirm your set or improve where you are.