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How much do you want? How much is available?

How much do you want? How much is available?

If given the choice would you want $50,000 or $175,000? Easy answer right. What if you could have $50,000 to pay for all of your medical bills and lost time from an auto accident or $175,000? Another easy answer right. Now check your auto insurance policy's No-Fault(also called Personal Injury Protection PIP) section and make sure you have $175,000. If you do not have the full amount please call your broker or company immediately.

But Billy, won't more coverage cost more?  Yes, it probably *but not always* will.  Now think about what you spend $5 on?  That could be how little the improvement costs PER MONTH.  

Insurance is, and always has been, pennies buying dollars.

If you are wondering what else your agent has not done for you call me immediately.

Just some thoughts. Most days it is the little things that get overlooked.