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About Birchyard

Birchyard is an insurance brokerage. We represent a wide range of insurance plans and types, adjusting to the individual needs of our customers. Our friendly, experienced professionals will help you select a solid insurance policy or package. We will combine our knowledge and process with any specific needs you might have and recommend the right policy for your situation and budget.

The Choice is Yours

As an insurance broker, Birchyard works with many good insurance companies, so we can do the comparison shopping for you. While we have relationships with these carriers, we are here to help YOU buy insurance.

Through the insurance companies we represent, you’ll have access to all types of insurance, from the basics like auto and home insurance, to highly specialized coverages.

How Can We Help You?

Our goal is to help you improve your insurance plans, and hopefully other things as well. Request a quote or contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, review your current insurance policies, and discuss your insurance needs.


Winnie Van Jura

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Winnie Van Jura

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Billy Van Jura